Clash of Civilization Essay

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16 October 2012
Clash of the Civilization
Samuel Huntington is political scientist. His essay entitled, “The Clash of Civilization” was published in the foreign affairs in 1993. The essay is about the civilizational conflict. Civilizations are the greatest factor that will divide the world of politics, because of what we believe, religion, language and traditions. This is the reason why countries look for allies in different nations with the same beliefs. Religion is the biggest factor that will cause division and it is already proven between Christianity and Islam. From the ancient times until this very day religion and our beliefs is the cause of war, because we fight for what we believe. Rise of civilization against
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Because they will feel like someone else is invading their privacy as a person or as a nation. And as a result they will stand for their beliefs and that will be the start of a war.
The Nature of Civilizations Nationalities, regions, villages, religions and our beliefs is part of our cultural entity. And cultural entity is civilization. Cultural grouping is the identity of a specific group of people; it will help us to be distinguished from other groups. Civilization may have a large number of people, a state, and it can include sub-civilizations for small groups. Civilization can emerge from one group to another group, because people can adapt. But it will definitely take time to adjust on the civilization that you want to adapt. There will be times that you criticize their type of civilization but if you’ve seen something good and you move from one place to another you will definitely learn to adapt. People cannot choose where to grown and who they are. They are who they are because of their culture. And that is something that cannot be taken away from them. No matter what they do or where they go, they will be known because of the culture and civilization that they grew up to. We can have our civilizations mixed up, but it will never be replaced.
Why Civilization will Clash Major civilization identities include the following Western, Islamic, Hindu, Japanese, Slavic-Orthodox, Confucian, Latin America

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