Clark Case Study

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For the purposes of this assignment, I will refer to my patient as Clark, which is not his real name. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) requires that personally identifiable information about a patient must be redacted or changed to protect the privacy rights of clients.Clark is a sixteen year old male of African American decent. He has been in foster care since the age of eight. He first came to the attention of the child protective authorities due to the severe nature of the corporal abuse he and his sibling received at the hands of their biological mother.
Clark 's case file documents states that he was severely physically and emotionally abused on many different occasions while he was still very young.
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He has lived in many different foster homes, group homes, and Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs). In these various placement, Clark reports being the victim of additional physical abuse which further traumatized him. He was first place in the care of his maternal aunt Wanda. Clark 's biological mother lost custody of Clark and his sister due to her continued physical abuse of the children. At this time, the biological mother stated that her son had been sexually abused by Wanda 's husband, a charge which was vigorously denied by both the uncle and Clark himself. She claims that this is what “turned her son …show more content…
The purpose of our particular orientation is to provide a holistic approach to the multi-faceted needs of our client base. This approach of the differing levels of mental health staff is put into place to hopefully be a catalyst toward the change needed to help improve Clark 's level of biopsychosocial functioning. These techniques were prescribed based on several factors including: 1.the therapeutic need of the patient, 2. the theoretical orientation of the larger agency organization, 3. and the clinical team’s best ability to approximate the services Clark requires while in our

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