Civil War Effects

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All throughout history, the civil war is one of the most impacting war’s that occurred in the united states. It was americans against americans, which is quite deranged. Even though I have been taught a lot of things about the civil war, I was never informed about the after effect. I never knew both separate sides recuperated post war. Mississippi becoming bankrupted with plantations completely destroyed was not overall shocking, but I was quite baffled. I didn’t know the whole entire state went into bankruptcy. After thinking about it, it does makes sense since the war damage and how the slaves weren’t there to clean up after them. Now that everyone is freed, Mississippi was quick to create separation laws, Jim Crow laws. It seems that they were still disappointed in losing the war as well as losing their slaves since they didn’t have to do everything themselves. The creation of the Jim Crow laws were for vengeance towards the freed people. They didn 't want to associated with people that used to serve them last month. It was all out of hate since they lost the war, have failed financially from labor supply, and no longer had their human …show more content…
After working on those plantations for several years without any payment and being freed to having absolutely nothing. How would I be able to survive without having to “steal” a few crops for food? I feel like it was pretty unfortunate that it had to come to that, but what else would they be able to do. The freedmen’s presence was already a symbol of their failures in the civil war. They wanted to kill them on the spot, so asking for crops for some freedmen were not an option. If I was in Mississippi where I am extremely hated, I would also sneak and steel some crops in order to survive. What would be the possibility of me owning any of the land out there, if I don 't even have rights that protect

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