Effects Of Civil War On American Society

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Indeed the dying and killing in the civil war had an enormous effect on all segments of American society. The dying and killing changed life in America during and after the war. Just as faust stated “ neither side could have imagined the magnitude and length of the conflict that unfolded, nor the death tolls that proved its terrible cost.” faust the lost cause(2) The death tolls were so tremendous nobody ever imagined such a war. The death toll outnumbered any war America has gotten into combined. It was like two brothers fighting against each other that lived in the same house. The war pitted brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor and countryman. We are a country as a whole the north and south makes up america why were they even …show more content…
the south would say it was fought to preserve their way of living not slavery and the north was interfering in their living affairs. But we all know why the war was started and the key role was slavery/ the north can careless about what other white southerners were doing with their life. however, the south was not going to bring down an entire race with it. Another reason the war was fought between the union and the confederacy was to preserve white supremacy. whites will and always be in charge and blacks would always and be willing to submit to whites. southerners argued that it was better for the blacks. Slavery was
The north and the south had very different point of views and since the cause was slavery, although they failed to admit many of the northerners did not know what they were fighting for. Many of the southern whites fought for the kill, they wanted war because they wanted slavery. The southerners needed the south to remain a slave state. Most of the southern whites made money from slavery and they grew accustomed to the life
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Many surgeons would cut of wounded parts without proper sanitation. Imagine if the surgeon knew just by washing his hands and the instrument he could of prevented the spread of disease and saved many soldiers life. Both union and confederate soldiers had to adapt to a new theory of dying. If they can accept death than dying would not be so bad. Both parties adopted the “good death”. The good death theory was based on religion many soldiers believed in god they both fought for the same god and their country so knowing what the lord did for them they were comparing their fight to that of jesus therefore accepting their demons and not letting the devil get in their head. Before the “good death” many soldiers wanted to be done with the war. Most soldiers wanted to be “put out of their misery” and looked forward to death. ( faust believing and doubting) as death became the soldiers salvation religion became the scapegoat of America. Women were left to grieve and religion was the only way to console women that lost brothers or husbands due to the war. The words “ they are in heaven now” helped heal the pain and loss they

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