Civil War Of Rebuilding The South Essay

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During 1867-1877 The Reconstruction period in America was referring to the civil war of rebuilding the south. The problem was African American didn’t have rights such as controlling their labor, having possession of land and family. While the south was under reconstruction, Andrew Johnson became president and emancipation freed Jefferson long. Jefferson and Andrew had different view point on race, Jefferson view was self-determination and Andrew Johnson believed in freedom for African Americans. In my essay I will be discussing the problem were Africans American didn’t the rights, The plan how the south would be reconstructed and the aftermath of the reconstruction of the south.With reconstruction slavery was abolished and African Americans had freedom to theirs rights reconstruction did equal amount for blacks and whites southerners in liberation them from their past – Page 447 paragraph 3 line 8 textbook. The Reconstruction Period had many problems before coming abolished so African Americans could have their equal rights. Most were homeless, separated from their family groups during the years of slavery. Before considering the rights to having freedom there were obligation that need to be done, however blacks were massive enroll in military service by 1863. Over 180,000 blacks had served in the union army, men with talent and ambition would open numerous doors to position and respectability, with black men fighting in the civil…

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