Civil Rights And The Civil War Essay

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In the first half of the 19th Century a young United States began to face many conflicts regarding civil rights as well as continuous opposing views between the North and South. One of the more prevalent issues at the time, even though both the Democratic and Whig parties attempted to avoid talking about it, was regarding the institution of slavery and whether or not it was “right”. Another issue that arose was whether or not the country would go to war with Mexico after Democrat, and current president at the time, James K. Polk went to Congress with a declaration of war with the claim that, on American soil, Mexico had caused the shedding of American blood. Furthermore, the war against Mexico would eventually ignite the debate of slavery even more and unfortunately lead to the events of the Civil War. Even though many politicians and scholars opposed the war, declaring that it was hypocritical of what the United States Constitution represented, it was not enough to sway the South taking into consideration the South’s elitist republican culture, the ideology of Manifest Destiny, and Polk’s aggressive manner to obtain California. The idea of abolishing slavery was becoming more popular during the 19th century and that struck fear into the South. In retaliation, the South configured the idea of going to war as an opportunity to add more land to the country. However, southerners desired that the land obtained from the war would enter the union as slave states. Southern states…

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