Civil Law And Civil Agreements Essay

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The significance of civil agreements can vary in today’s society depending upon the diverse circumstances that exist when an agreement takes place. Civil law including civil agreements, deals with disputes between private parties and negligent acts that cause harm to others. To avoid the possibility of private parties committing criminal acts to recover their property, they may claim compensation directly from the wrong doer who is deprived of the benefits of unlawful conduct. (Raff, 2013)1. Civil law also deals with breach of contracts. Contracts are legally binding agreements established between two or more parties and generally require an offer, acceptance, consideration and a mutual intent to be bound. A very important point to consider is that the parties must intend to enter into a legally binding agreement. Legal consequences could incur if parties do not obey the terms written in the contract and perform their correct duties as stated. In the case of L’Estrange v Graucob, it was perceived that when a document containing contractual terms is signed, in the a absence of fraud or misrepresentation, then the party signing it is bound and it is wholly immaterial whether he has read the document or not. ("Clarke, Bruce; Kapnoullas, Steve 2016)2 This, however, should be re examined as it could be unjust if the party who had signed the document has not read and assented to specific conditions and was not aware that the document is a contract. Hence, civil agreements…

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