City Of Middlevale Negotiation Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Both parties should enter the negotiation separating their personal interests from their positions. Both parties have a position that should be made clear. The City of Middlevale’s position is financial. They cannot afford to continue subsidizing the costs of emergency services to their unincorporated citizens. The citizen’s position is that they do not want to absorb the additional costs associated with annexation of their homes into the Middlevale city limits. Such positions tend to be relatively fixed and narrowly defined. Positions must either be accepted or rejected on a yes or no basis. Interests, on the other hand, are the underlying motives and concerns that drive each party’s position. Interests tend to be numerous and vary widely in the relative importance each party places on them. If the two parties enter the negotiation expressing their positions they will have a difficult time locating a common area of …show more content…
During the negotiation, the City of Middlevale will want to open a path of agreement with the citizens. To do this, both the City of Middlevale, and the citizens should start with areas in which they both agree; then progress to minor points of disagreement. If a disagreement stalls the negotiation, then the two parties can agree to table this point and address it at a later time. Both parties should look for ways to realign their separate viewpoints. Resistance usually occurs because one party disagrees with the other. Both parties must consider ways of bringing these separate viewpoints into greater alignment. If one or both parties cannot realign, then one party must reframe the source of resistance. This means that one party must place the issue within a different context to help the other party have a different view of it (Karrass, 1995). In this case, the City of Middlevale may need to show statistics that support the annexation. In addition, they could show the necessity of emergency services to unincorporated areas and the effect these services have on the health and well being of its citizens. The citizens could show the effect the annexation would have on their financial stability and ability to support their

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