Citizen Attitudes Towards China 's Maritime Territorial Disputes

1644 Words May 18th, 2016 null Page
Denemark, D., & Chubb, A. (2016). Citizen attitudes towards China 's maritime territorial disputes: traditional media and Internet usage as distinctive conduits of political views in China. Information, Communication & Society, 19(1), 59-79

The article examines the differential impact of how Chinese citizens uses traditional media and internet sources as a type of political view about the country’s territorial dispute with Japan over the Diaoyo/Senkaku Islands. Most Chinese citizens rely on government controlled news to keep up with the current foreign affairs of China and the world. The article argues that because of the Chinese citizens relying on mainstream, state-controlled television, radio, and printed media for information on the disputes, it can be common to expect bias political attitudes. The article also provides a survey from 2013, with data that explores patterns of media consumption and citizens’ attention levels towards the Sino-Japanese island dispute, and views regarding government’s performance in handling the issue and appropriate policy responses. Those who receive their information from traditional media tend to view the government’s performance more positively, and are more likely to favor a compromise and oppose military force. On the other hand, information from internet sources had users with a wider range of attitudes about Japan.
This article is relevant to my paper because it focuses on the island dispute between China and Japan over the…

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