South China Sea Dispute Essay

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There are many disputes happening around the world over boundaries and resources. One of these disputes is occurring in the South China Sea. It is a dispute between China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan. According to, China claims the largest portion of territory on the South China Sea. They have many historical claims – some of which may be true, some of which may be false. Bejing states that centuries ago, the Paracel and Spratly island chains were considered parts of China, and in 1947, they issued a map (the nine-dash line) supporting its claims. With no surprise, Taiwan made the same claim. Vietnam disputed against China 's claims because Vietnam has documents to prove that they have ruled both the Paracels …show more content…
The United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) concluded in 1982. They came into force in 1994 to establish a series of laws on the economic rights of nations based on their territorial waters and continental baselines. This is the spark of what is now the EEZ ( UNCLOS created the EEZ for all countries ' ships to enjoy the waters but they also provide a list of activities that are considered prejudicial to peace, good order, or security of coastal state ( UNCLOS allowed all countries (excluding China) to be able to make claims for South China Sea. Even after, UNCLOS has been signed and ratified by nearly all coastal countries in South China Sea, disputes still continue over Spratly and Paracel Islands and Scarborough Shoal ( Based on, UNCLOS said any artificial islands, installations, and structures do not claim any territorial sea of their own, nor does is affect the delimitation of the territorial sea, the EEZ, or the continental shelf ( As stated before the EEZ was established by the UNCLOS in 1982 ( The EEZ was created to end any disputes over territory. The EEZ says that 200 nautical miles from any seabase line in a land is part of that land 's territory/property. In a country 's EEZ, they have the right to explore and use marine sources. China took advantage of this and conducted military activities in its EEZ but the UNCLOS did not permit that. The U.S. claimed that the UNCLOS never said it was allowed without state notice or consent ( UNCLOS was created by United Nations to ensure the South China Sea conflict won 't get out of hand. According to, Malina (capital of the Philippines) filed a case against China to the UNCLOS to challenge its claims. To summarize, the United Nations created

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