Cis339 Cis 339 Cis/339 Ilab 1 of 7 Essay

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CIS339 CIS 339 CIS/339 iLab 1 of 7 - System Request

Scenario and Summary

You have been hired by the School of Prosperity (SoP) as a software architect to help the school plan, design, and implement a new online system called the Student Records System (SRS).
The Student Records System (SRS), described in the SRS Preliminary Planning Overview document, is the 7-week-long project that you will work on throughout this course. You will be developing UML models and documents for
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4. As you create the System Request, generate and document at least five questions and specify who you think the best point of contact might be for each question.
5. Explain your work and the decisions you made to arrive at your proposed solution.
STEP 3: Upload the Document to your Dropbox
Save the System Request Form MS Word document with the file name CIS339_Lab1_YourName.

Student Records System SRS - Preliminary Planning Overview

The School of Prosperity (SoP) is a small Information Technology & Science school located in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. The school serves a growing student population of about 5000 students by offering programs leading to the Bachelor and Master degrees in IT and Software development.

SoP has, traditionally, offered most of its classes in a face-to-face modality. Recently and because of the increased demands of student enrollments, the school started to offer some of its classes online as well.

The school staff currently uses an in-house desktop application to keep track of students, courses, and to register students for classes. School staff has to be physically in the office in order to access the in-house application. To register for a class (either face-to-face or online class), a student must complete a paper registration form, submit it to the school staff, and the staff will then enter the registration information into the desktop application.

This process always generates many

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