Cis 355 Cis355 Cis/355 Ilab 4 of 6 Essay

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CIS 355 CIS355 CIS/355 iLab 4 of 6

iLab 4 of 6: Inheritance and Simple GUI i L A B O V E R V I E W
Scenario and Summary

In this lab you will create one project that uses inheritance and two simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) programs.

Program files for each of the following three programs
1. InheritanceTest
2. DayGui
3. OfficeAreaCalculator
At the beginning of ALL your programs, put a comment box that includes the program name, your name,
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Use Point as the superclass of the hierarchy. Specify the instance variables and methods for each class. The private variable of Point should be the x-y coordinates. The private data of Square should be the sideLength. The private data of Cube should be depth. Each class must provide applicable accessor, mutator, and toString() methods for manipulating private variables of each corresponding class. In addition, the Square class must provide the area() and perimeter() methods. The Cube must provide the area() and volume() methods.
Write a program that instantiates objects of your classes, ask the user to enter the value for x, y, and sideLength, test all instance methods and outputs of each object’s perimeter, area, and volume when appropriate.
Grading Rubric
InheritanceTest Points Description
Standard header included 1 Must contain program's name, student name, and description of the program
Program compiles 1 Program does not have any error
Program executes 1 Program runs without any error
Point class created 3 Class contains accessor, mutator, and toString methods
Square class created 3 Class contains accessor, mutator, toString, perimeter, and area methods
Cube class created 3 Class contains accessor, mutator, toString, area, and volume methods
InheritanceTest class created 4 Test class asks user for input of x, y, and sideLength and tests all instance methods
Correct output is displayed 4 Test class produces correct output showing all values corresponding

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