Cis 319 Entire Course Computers and Information Processing Essays

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CIS 319 Entire Course Computers and Information Processing CIS 319 Entire Course Computers and Information Processing CIS 319 Week 1 DQ 1 What is a specific role an information system can play in an organization? What are three components of this system? How do they work in the enterprise? CIS 319 Week 1 DQ 2 How can an IT system initially help a company advance, but later become a requirement for that business to stay competitive? CIS 319 Week 1 Individual Assignment Effect of Systems on Business (Worksheet) Resource: University Material: Week One Worksheet
Identify five different IT systems that have affected
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• Comparison Shopping for Hard Drives
Provide screen shots where you feel it is applicable.
CIS 319 Week 2 DQ 1 Complete the Ethics Game Hot Topics Simulation “The Case of the Compromised Contract” and “The Case of the Shared Seat,” located on the student website. CIS 319 Week 2 DQ 2
How is information used in the modern enterprise? How does this use affect IT systems? CIS 319 Week 2 Individual Assignment Information Use Paper Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.
Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization you are familiar with.
Describe concerns with properly controlling this flow, including keeping it safe from unauthorized use. CIS 319 Week 2 Learning Team Supporting Activity (Two Papers Included) Perform the following hands-on activities where possible.
Provide a brief description of your findings/exploration. If you are unable to perform an activity describe why and what you would have expected to experience if you were able to complete the activity.
• Secure a Windows PC from Unauthorized Local Use
• Create a Windows 7 HomeGroup
• Share Folders in Windows 7
• Secure and Encrypt Local Folders in Windows 7
• Back Up a Windows Security Certificate
• View and

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