Cigarette Displays And Point Of Sale Advertising Essay

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The article I chose to do my literature review on is called “An Experimental Study of Effects on Schoolchildren of Exposure to Point of Sale Cigarette Advertising and Pack Displays.” The purpose of this study was to see if cigarette displays and point of sale advertising influenced school children to buy cigarettes. This study is important because children are influenced everyday by things in their lives, some that which they might not be conscious to. Things such as, peers, adults, events, advertisements and displays all are different influences in a child’s life. Many people do not think that advertisements and displays do not play a huge role in influencing children. However, advertisements and displays are one of the biggest influential things in a child’s life.
The study population of this article were ninth grade students who were in the age range of fourteen and fifteen, from five schools in Victoria, Australia. Two of the schools were Catholic boys’ schools, one school was a private co-educational school, one school was a public co-educational school, and the last school was a Catholic girls’ school. Three of the schools were located in a high socioeconomic areas and the other two were located in a low socioeconomic area. To ensure student’s safety and parent’s concerns, the research assistant had the school sent out to the parents of the children and the research assistant received permission from the school to conduct this study. . Out of 886 ninth grade students…

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