Essay about Church : Spirituality Verses Religion

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Church: Spirituality Verses Religion
Religion has always been a major part of the American culture and many other cultures under varying forms of practice. It is a huge field of study being very complex in nature that psychologist and other scholars struggle understanding. Thus, provoking much research based on various hypothesis and theories of religion verses spirituality and the significance to mental health.
“Original Work”: Although the value of spirituality to mental health has been documented (Frankl, 1967; Jung, 1933; Payne, Bergin, Bielma, & Jenkins, 1990; Worthington, 1989), research is only beginning to examine the nature of spirituality and its impact. Previous research has largely defined spirituality in terms of religiosity, chiefly because it may easier to conceptionalize organized religion, frequency of attendance, family history, and satisfaction with certain religious beliefs into a study. Spirituality, which appears more difficult to define, has received much less attention. For purposes of simplicity, spirituality and religiosity are described as separate, though overlapping concepts. Again, spirituality is the broader concept and represents transcendent beliefs and values that may have or may not be related to a religious organization. Religiosity, on the other hand refers to a set of rituals and creeds which may be manifest in the context of a religious institution: Jewish, Catholic, Islamic, and so forth (Ingersoll, 1994). An individual may…

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