Personal Experience: My Experience At Victory Church

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I was raised to be catholic which as you may know is a strict, and structured type of mass. Their practices in mass is exactly the same way each Sunday you attend, the only thing that usually differs is the subject of which the mass has been planned around. That is why I chose to go to a non denominational church for my church visit reflection. This is because these two religions are extremely different, and a couple of my friends on the soccer team go there for church each Sunday. The church I attended was called Victory Church, as soon as I walked in I was greeted with food and coffee, and a numerous amount of people gathering around for morning chit chat before the worship had started. When I walked into where the worship was held I was …show more content…
I think this is interesting because usually that would not be something that is just announced during church it seems very informal. They also suggest that you fill out this form saying how many times you have attended Victory Church and if want them to say a prayer for you. To me, this was also informal because it felt like the church was only trying to draw in more people to attend which is why they asked how many times you have attended. On the form I checked that it was my first time attending and a week later I got a Wawa gift card in the mail and a long letter about coming back. I enjoyed my time at this church, but during the worship portion I felt awkward because I was not sure how to go about the singing and dancing. This was not a normal practice in my opinion, and since we have not talked about the different types of services there is in different churches I was not aware of the different types of worship that churches have. I did not think it was going to be exactly similar to being in a Catholic church, but Victory Church did not even look like a church. I do not know if I would return to Victory Church just because of how different it was compared to my Catholic church. I also appreciate the silence I get within the Catholic church, whereas at Victory Church there was little to no silence because as soon as you walked in there was a concert happening. I think that silence in church is important because it gives you time to reflect towards God and think about all your sins. I feel that having silence also helps keep you sane in a way because you let your mind rest and have ease which gives the brain the time it needs to

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