Chunky Movie Analysis

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Hidden Ingredients of Processes Food
Campbell’s soup product line “Chunky” debuted in 1970 as ready-to-serve soups. From a traditional canned soup point of view, it was sensational because the portion of food gets much larger than before. In 2009, Chunky revamped its contents to be a more satisfying soup product by focusing on including a variety of vegetables and chunks of lean meat in a can (Campbell’s). The concept of satisfying an appetite is the crucial factor for the newly improved canned soup, which put on an additional appealing point to the traditional pros of canned soups. The catchy product naming, Chunky, and its product label on the can that shows a picture of soup contents loaded with chunky meat and vegetables tempted consumers
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Petty also mentions, “It’s important to take a holistic view when considering the best sources of proteins for health”. In her research, everything used in farming such as surface and groundwater pollution, soil contamination, usage of fossil fuels will give some negative impact to the source of protein (Par. 8). The movie “Food, Inc.” released in 2008 revealed the shocking facts about American food industry and its system. The movie discloses the fact that 30% of farming field in the Unites States grows corn driven by the government policy to reduce the costs of food production. A lot of fertilizer and pesticide are used in the cornfields, and the corn is used for feeding cows. Farmers feed cows corn because it is cheaper than grass feed, and corn makes cows fat quickly. Although, a cow’s natural diet is not corn but grass, a high-corn diet results in evolving harmful E.Coli in cows (Food Inc). It is terrifying to think about if we were eating the product, which contains animal protein that were fed with corn grew on contaminated fields full of fertilizer and pesticides. The worst scenario is eating beef which may have been in contact with a cow contracted harmful E-Coli O-157. We will never know what kind of animal are used in order to process a canned soup because the label on the can only says

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