Chronic Problem Of Chronic Confusion Essay

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Chronic Confusion is a topic that is generally new to man. For example, we as humans know that if a concussion happens, we know there will be an altered consciousness and there will be visible symptoms. Symptoms from headache to blackout to mental confusion. The thing with a concussion is that we know it will pass with time and rest, but what about the patient that has confusion everyday for years and is irreversible and is getting worse with time? What do we truly know about symptoms like these, where memory, orientation, and behavior is affected due to a head injury or nerve tangles in the brain? Hopefully this paper will shed some light on the definitions, knowledge, and pathophysiology on the new and concerning threat that is affecting the elderly and is only getting worse. Also, included in this paper will be multiple nursing theories and their connection with the topic of chronic confusion.


First, lets start with what chronic confusion is. Chronic Confusion is defined by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) as “Irreversible, long-standing or progressive deterioration of intellect and personality characterized by decreased capacity for intellectual thought processes; and manifested by disturbances of memory, orientation, and behavior” (Pearson). A nursing definition is “Chronic confusion, an aspect of dementia, is progressive and variable in nature and may commonly involve problems with memory recall, problem-solving,…

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