Chronic Illness Of Diabetes And Show How Health Psychology May Increase The Quality Of Life Of The Diabetic Client

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Diabetes Research Project Diabetes results from “the body’s cells not taking in enough insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates glucose uptake” (Gurung, 2014, p.75). In 20121, 25.8 million North Americans had type 2 diabetes, and even though it typically effects older adults, children as young as 13 years old are now being diagnosed with this chronic disease (Gurung, 2014). Although diabetes is a biological disease requiring medical attention to regulate insulin and blood glucose levels, it also “interacts with psychological moods and health behaviors such as eating, which in turn are influenced by societal norms” (Gurung, 2014, p.77). This paper will provide research and literature relevant to the chronic illness of diabetes and show how health psychology may increase the quality of life of the diabetic client. “Health psychologists pay close attention to the way the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and biological processes all interact with each other to influence health and illness” (Gurung, 2014, p.23) of the diabetic.
Disease Related Issues
Diabetes is a common chronic illness that effect most individuals, through self, family, or friends and acquaintances that are living through in their daily lives. In fact, in 2010, deaths occurring in 45 – 64 years old, diabetes was the third leading cause of death (Gurung, 2014), affecting an estimated 18 million Americans (Gurung, 2014). But along with the biomedical problems of diabetes, “41% of people with…

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