Essay on Christopher Columbus : Hero Or Villain?

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Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?

As October comes rolling around, the famous Christopher Columbus is being remembered for his discovery of the Americas. The hero Columbus, some would say, gathered his courage, and set sail to the West Indies, and unknowingly discovered a whole new continent after being at sea for weeks. If these people who call Columbus a hero knew of the evil crimes that he has committed, then the opinions and the perspectives of these people would change drastically. Millions of Americans were raised up to be taught misleadingly, that Columbus was a hero: teachers, text books, and from the general public. Those people who wrote the history, sadly, did not record the whole truth into the history books that are viewed later on by their descendants. Societies “reconstructs” the past instead of writing down the whole situation. All of the evil deeds that his crew and he had done: enslaving, killing, and raping the Native Americans, has all been reconstructed, and from that, Christopher Columbus is a villain rather than a hero.

For one thing, Columbus was not the first to discover the Americas. It was, believed for a long time that Christopher Columbus was the first to reach the Americas, but evidence shows that in the year 1000 or 1001, the Vikings, arrived in Vinland, “Now sailed they thence into the open sea with a northeast wind, and were two days at sea before they saw land, and they sailed thither and came to an island which lay to the eastward…

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