Christopher Columbus : A New Historical Era Essays

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Christopher Columbus’ journey to find a sea route to Asia in 1492 changed the way we see the world. Not realizing that there was an expansive land mass west of Europe, in between Spain and Asia, Columbus landed in the Bahamas only to be greeted by the indigenous Arawak native tribe that had been on the island for decades. Columbus saw this encounter as an opportunity to pay back Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain for his voyage, ships and crew. Columbus then set off, sending thousands of natives out to search for gold; when he discovered that Hispaniola was not plentiful in gold, Columbus took several thousands of natives back to Spain as slaves. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a federal holiday, stating that his voyage was “a prelude to a new historical era.” Christopher Columbus should no longer be honored with a national holiday because he did not make any beneficial contributions to our country. Columbus’ need to pay off his debts and obsession for gold was responsible for one of the largest genocides in history. Columbus was also responsible for opening the largest, most profitable and most devastating trade network in history: the Atlantic Slave Trade Network. This trade network grew into the largest system of exchange in history. Columbus Day should no longer be recognized as a national holiday because Columbus shouldn’t be commemorated for the atrocities to the native Americans that he was responsible for. Christopher Columbus…

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