Essay about Christmas, The Season Of Joy And Happiness

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Christmas, the season of joy and happiness. For most people this season starts in the end of November beginning of December, but for me this season means so much more and so it starts in January and ends in December. All year round I see the love of God get spread around and am constantly reminded of what it means that jesus came down and was born, died and came back to life for our sins. This is where I pull my joy from and for one reason or another it has always been the biggest holiday that I can think of to celebrate. The reason for this could come from when I was 18 months old I was having seizures and by the time I was five I was having up to 150 a day and I was barely surviving and it came down to a choice. 1) I could deal with the seizures for the rest of my life and take medication, but I wouldn 't survive for very long might die by the time I was a teenager. 2) I could have surgery and possibly die in the process but if I survive I wont have any more seizures maybe. My parents decided the ladder one, and proceeded to give me the surgery. Seven weeks later I emerge from my Cocoon having no right frontal quartex and seizure free. My first week back home was thanksgiving week, now you may be thinking that because of it being on thanksgiving that it would be that is the one to really stick with me. However that year thanksgiving was all about my life that year but christmas was so much bigger that year that we were not just celebrating the birth of jesus we were…

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