Ancient City Religion Essay

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As important as a strong economy, religion also shapes complex societies. The inhabitants of this ancient city show influence from complex societies because complex societies often have religious practices. Religion is often used as a way to explain the unexplainable, an escape, a way to live an ethical life, and etc. From examining the Temple of Aphrodite, the Basilica church, and the Bishop’s Palace, it can be concluded that there are several forms of religion existing in the ancient city: polytheism (Roman gods), Christianity, and Ishtar. Based on the inscriptional evidence of Zoilos paying for the temple of Aphrodite, this unravels the values of the inhabitants. During the reign of Zoilos, the inhabitants of the ancient city worshipped …show more content…
The inscription tells us that the city was conquered by Caesar, but he is giving the inhabitants a nomen Latinum, or citizenship, as he says, “I wish these people to be protected as my own townsmen.” This characteristic is a special feature of the Romans. “After defeating the Latin in the Battle of Antium Latins (338 B.C.E.), the Romans would gave them citizenship. The citizenship gave the inhabitants all the rights of a normal citizen, which gave them an opportunity to integrate with the Roman lifestyle. Overtime, the Romans granted to the elites, they conquered, citizenships, which led to large manpower and political strength” (Lecture, 11/10/15). The Romans contact with the Latins shows great similarities with the takeover of the current ancient city. When Caesar says to Stephanus, “I shall be watching to see that you carry out my recommendations to the full,” it suggests that there is hostility between Caesar and Stephanus. Caesar is giving Stephanus an opportunity to join the Roman force. Caesar is attempting to take a peaceful approach and at the same time expand the Roman force. This cultural contact between the two cultures unravels the importance of a peaceful approach, which allows for the benefit of both sides as the ancient city inhabitants assimilate into the Roman

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