Essay on Christianity : A Story Of Forgiveness

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Christianity: A Story of Forgiveness The religion I have chosen is Christianity. My research question is “What is Christianity and the beliefs of those who practice it?” I decided on this topic because Christianity is one of the most practiced religions in the world but those who do not practice this religion may not know what their beliefs are because we as a society do not make a big deal about religions outside our own. I want to educate and inform those about the Christian faith because most people who are born in to another religion do not even think or know about any others. There are many religions but I want to talk about how Christianity came about and how it has evolved over the years.
“It is now almost 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ set in motion the chains of events that led to the creation of the Christian fate and its diffusion throughout the world” (Johnson 1). We all know the biblical story of the Virgin Mary and her encounter with the angel named Gabriel. He told her that she was to have a son, and his name would be Jesus. After going to town with Joseph, her husband, one day, Mary ended up giving birth to a baby boy. All the inns in the town were full so she was forced to give birth in a stable, more specifically, a manger. The baby boy became Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus was said to be born on earth to rid us of our sins. The Bible is a book, with smaller books inside, that represents the life of Jesus and serves as a guideline for…

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