Christianity : A Man Named Jesus Essay

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Christianity, a religion known the world over however, It did not start this way and its rise to preeminence was fraught with alienation, destitution and persecution. Christianity follows the belief that a man named Jesus who was a great teacher of his time and regarded by his followers to not only be a prophet but in fact the flesh and blood incarnation of God. Came to this world in order to redeem mankind whom in the eyes of God had been willingly lead down the path of sin, though their trespasses had apparently not warranted an extinction level event such as found in the story of Noah and the flood. Instead he chose a different route and gave to mankind a message of love and toleration for one another. The Jewish leaders and Roman officials saw him as a threat and did everything to this man just short of believe him. After his death he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven leaving behind his disciples to speed his word. It would take four centuries for the religion to become a dominating force for spiritual and moral beliefs garnering the control of the hearts and minds of Emperor’s, King’s, Ruler’s and their subjects.
Around 64 AD both Paul and Peter were killed for their tireless efforts, to preach and spread the teachings of Jesus, by the Romans under the lordship of Nero who saw Christianity as an affront to the Roman religion. After the deaths of Paul and Peter there were no big names in the Christian religion for quite some time. The Christians had to remain…

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