Essay on Christian: Crisis & Trauma

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Ashley Meadows Essay Question: Response
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Crisis counseling is an aspect of crisis resolution in which emphasis is placed on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral consequences within a particular crisis. Psychotherapy is a tool that uses a helping process in order to change a person’s feelings as well as patterns of thought and behaviors. This can take place over short, brief periods or long term if determined is necessary. Both utilize concepts in order to help those in need; however, each takes a different approach as seen above (Hoff, 2009). According to Segun, psychotherapy can only be carried out by a trained professional and allows patients to gain
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The study from the police department found that there has been more research on crisis counseling than psychotherapy among trauma victims; however, due to the thorough steps that are included within crisis counseling, it provides more benefits to those in need after experiencing said crises. Even though crisis counseling is not always provided by certified professionals, the study from the police department found that crisis victims look for a connection with someone who can provide them with comfort, peace, and the support to get through their particular problems. This study showed that crisis counseling can come from volunteers who work to understand victims. Victims seek out those who are there to show support as well as even those that have been through similar experiences (Young, 2008). When viewing victims that do not believe in the same values as the person providing the support, it is important to take more of a crisis counseling approach than using psychotherapy. Even with someone who believes that Christ called them to become a crisis counselor, it does not automatically mean they cannot work to treat those who do not believe in Christ. Any person can be helped as long as they will place trust and confidence in the people working to assist them. By utilizing the plan of action that crisis counseling provides, it gives a basis or groundwork that

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