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Another important argument, presented is that the new Christian counselor should see Christian counseling as a pact between the counselor and the client to work in partnership for the ownership of the soul. The textbook discusses several unique resources such as the power of the Holy Spirit, and the authority of God that derives from being a Christian counselor working in collaboration with God’s presence. In other words, the Christian counselor is a partnership between God, the client, and the counselor.
The Holy Spirit is an authoritative person that abides in individuals and takes dwelling in the body of the believer. The book The New Christian Counselor 2015 offers an outline to the meaning and shaping of the human soul. The book also emphasizes that when individuals take possession of their soul, they also need to take ownership of beliefs, emotional state, choices and relationships.
However, the authors explain that individuals seeking Christian counseling go through the process of shaping the soul. As Christian counselors we should attend to view ourselves, take care of our identity issues in order to attend the core of the human soul because that is where the image of God resides. Lastly, the book provides other essential resources to the Christian counselors which are accountability, wisdom, the Spirit of God, anticipation, and the unconditional love of the creator. More importantly, people need to come to the counseling practice with an optimistic and hopeful…

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