Chris Mccandless 's Into The Wild Essays

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Christianity advocates many ideals, however, very few gather as much attention as the seven deadly sins. While the sins provide different battles for every individual, Chris McCandless transformed pride from a deadly sin to a very literal meaning. On April 28th, 1992, Chris embarked on his great Alaskan journey only to be found dead on September 6th of the same year. In Jon Krakauer 's novel Into the Wild, we are given an inside view into Chris ' solitary journey from Emory University to the abandoned bus where he drew his final breath. I firmly believe that Chris ' death could have been avoided if it were not for his pride and arrogance. Chris ' illusions of grandeur clearly illustrate his arrogance by believing he was destined for more than the average person. When Eddie Vedder covered the song “Society” for the Into the Wild soundtrack, he sang the line, “I hope you’re not lonely without me” (Vedder). The loss of one person goes unnoticed by the whole of society for every missing person and death. By associating this line with Chris McCandless, it gives him an inflated sense of self. Society will continue on, not only without Chris, but also without any other person on Earth. Assuming society will immediately fall apart due to its loneliness only proves Chris’ arrogance. The peak of Chris’ arrogance comes to his final Alaska adventure when he carved a long paragraph into the side of the Fairbanks 142 bus: “And now after two rambling years comes…

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