Chris Mccandless And His Life Essay examples

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Philosophical analysts and scientists all over the nation continue to raise arguments when looking at the story of Chris McCandless and his journey. While some recognize him as a romantic hero following a life immersed in the nature of the world, some choose to see him as a fool for thinking he could live this lifestyle. When looking at both arguments, it comes down to the issue of morals, and the lifestyle the person analyzing has grown up in. Morals and values heavily influence the opinions of what Chris McCandless did with his life, even though it was his right to do as he pleased. To begin, by looking at both sides of the argument I believe my social environment helps shape my opinion of this story. I respect the decision that Chris McCandless made when he began his journey in search of experience across America. Chris spent his whole life immersed in a materialistic society that his parents forced upon him. He was a very intelligent person so I think he needed to escape that world view because he simply couldn’t understand it. His mind expanded further then the simplicity of having wealth and a family, he wanted to experience life in its rawest form. It 's important to define what you personally believe is a happy life. To him, leaving society and joining with nature was his version of living the dream. Chris had the right to do whatever he pleased with the life he was given, and although he died, I believed he lived more than most people ever will. In addition…

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