Choosing A Path Towards Higher Education Essay

800 Words Jan 21st, 2016 4 Pages
For students who are considering a path towards higher education, it is often presumed that remaining in High School for the entire four years is of the utmost necessity. However, this is not the case. Many students, myself included, have chosen an expedited path towards a higher education by graduating High School in three years, or in some cases, less. Graduating early is especially advantageous to students considering a career in medicine, law, or in any other field that requires almost a decade of schooling after college to have a head start. While graduating early may appear to be the most beneficial choice, few students choose this alternative route. Many students choose to stay for the entire four years, whether it be due to wanting to prolong already established friendships, unaware of the fact that early graduation is possible, or they feel as if they are not ready to go to college just yet. Therefore, the length of each individual student’s High School career is dependent on their personal and academic needs and should be adjusted accordingly. One of the main reasons I chose to graduate early was the fact that I am considering a career in dentistry. Pursuing a career in dentistry requires an additional 3-6 years of schooling after graduating from college, on top of completing a residency. This career, like many others, requires quite a bit of academic commitment, which is why I am “cutting corners” wherever I am able to. Moreover, I did not feel as if the…

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