Essay about Chomsky 's And Pinker 's Linguistic Innateness Theory

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It appears Amanda’s case is connected to Chomsky’s and Pinker’s Linguistic Innateness theory. The Linguistic Innateness theory emphasizes on the notion that language, or “universal grammar,” is innate and is executed through a language acquisition device (LAD) we are all born with (Wolf Nelson, pg. 59-60, 2010). Although the location of this device it is not specified in which area of the brain it is, it in within us. It assists us in acquiring and executing certain aspects language and, if it is damaged, there can be a dysfunction in communication, including being unable to understand the context a story (Wolf Nelson, pg. 59-60, 2010). This might also attribute to Amanda’s exhibited sensory deficits. While there is little to no findings on sensory dysfunction and Chomsky’s Linguistic Innateness theory, there is information regarding the correlation of reading disorders and linguistics (Catts and Kamhi, 1986). Amanda’s type of sensory disorder makes her hypersensitive to sound and visual stimulation. Although there is limited evidence to support sensory intervention, there is no reason to refuse to incorporate a type of sensory diet to attempt to remediate the sensory deficits the client presents with (Schooling, Coleman and Cannon, 2012).
Intervention Strategies
The clinician will utilize the milieu method to increase Amanda’s language content skills. Warren and Bambara (1989) reference Warren and Kaiser (1986) in their article: “An Experimental Analysis of Milieu…

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