Essay on Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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In the novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the apparent purpose of chapter eighteen is change is destructive. In chapter eighteen, we are shown that the white men are slowly colonizing the clan’s land, and winning more converts, thus strengthening the church and weakening the clan. An example is when Mr. Kiaga speaks to a convert and states ‘“The heathen say you will die if you do this or that. The heathen speak nothing but falsehood. Only the word of God is true.”’ (Achebe 157). This is significant because the white man persuades the convert that he will be accepted by their new religion unlike his old one. This is important to the theme of this chapter because we are shown how easily manipulated the clan members are, and how they’re the ones making their clan unstable. In chapter nineteen, it highlights the act of fate. Achebe develops this theme with Okonkwo’s final days of exile, in which he throws an extravagant celebration in appreciation for his motherland’s care. Moreover, Okonkwo is keen to return to Umuofia to make up for his wasted time in exile. An example is “The seven wasted and weary years were at last dragging to a close. [Okonkwo] regretted every day of his exile” (Achebe 162). This expresses Okonkwo’s feelings in which he laments about his fate. Okonkwo reminisces back at his actions, believing he could’ve been a more successful, well venerated man in Umuofia. This shows that the decisions and actions you make can affect you positively or…

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