Essay on Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart

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The historical fiction novel, Things Fall Apart written by a Nigerian author Chinua Achebe was written in the 1950’s, during the postcolonial era. The story takes place in Umuofia around nine villages and is about Okonkwo, a man who is living a life with anger and fear. He is a very respected person and is also a polygamous man. The white missionaries are represented differently. In the Ibo culture Okonkwo saw the white men as a threat due to their development in Umuofia.

From beginning to end, white men are considered to be inadequate and make the Ibo tribe feel intimidated. Just when the white man appeared to Umuofia on his iron horse, people around didn 't recognize who it was, so what they did to protect themselves was to hide. Achebe adroitly implies different aspects of the things that are going on. For example, “he was riding an iron horse. The first people who saw him ran away, but he stood beckoning to them” (Achebe 138). This signifies how the white man was symbolizing dismay towards the Ibo tribes, for trying to let them know that Abame has been wiped out. Besides, that the theme would be fear, due to the fact that, Achebe mentions that the villagers went to the “Oracle and it told them that the strange man would break their clan and spread destruction among them” (Achebe 138) in which it establishes the man was a threat. This quote recognizes that the people have certain role that signifies their racial views. Furthermore, “they killed him and tied his iron…

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