Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart And Flannery O ' Connor Essay

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Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart and Flannery O’Connor’s short stories may seem to be worlds apart, but they were written in the same era and they both portray racism through the characters that are unwilling to change their ways. Each book is set in a different culture; Achebe’s is set in Nigeria in 1890’s and O’Connor’s stories are placed in the South during the 1950’s. Each culture has very different aspects, but when religion or Christianity was mixed into the culture they have similar reactions. Racism presents itself as a major cultural issue in both writers’ works. Both authors allow for true Christianity to change people’s racist ways to some degree, but overall “religion” only exacerbates the divisions among the characters in this literature. Racism was an important cultural issue during O’Connor’s time; most of her stories were set in the 1950’s. “Prior to the mid-1960s, observers usually identified the South as the crux of ‘the Negro problem’… but the South remained the center of overt race-based proscription” (Bartley vii). During the 1950’s, Social reforms and Civil Rights were taking place and continued on till the 1970’s. The Christian white church was not nearly as supportive as it should have been concerning the reforms. However, the black church, which practically led the reforms, was very involved. Martin Luther King Jr. had a huge involvement in the reforms. He believed in nonviolent protests and used the members of the black church to take a…

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