Chinese Mothers Are Superior Essay

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Chinese mothers
If you ask parents all over the world, what they wish for their children, most of them would answer that their children should have a happy life. Does it mean that parents dictate every single step for their kids to take? When a child get used to follow orders from his/her parents all the time and doesn’t have any kind of freedom in his/her spare time, wouldn’t this dictatorial upbringing and zero tolerance toward the child lead to weak points and errors in child’s life?
To get high marks at school and eventually having a good job does it equal to a happy life? What is most prioritized happiness or success in life?

On the 8th January 2011, an article was published in the Wall Street Journal to explain the superiority
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However such way of raising kids may sound unrealistic in western society but it seems not to be impossible to execute for any mother because Amy Chua had been through it herself as a kid and she has used the same way for her daughters despite of living in the US.

Trough out the article Amy Chua is engaging the readers by giving her own examples of parenting as a Chinese mother, “… Well, I can tell them, because I’ve done it.” (page 6, line 5). This makes the article more reliable, as the readers realize that the writer has a realistic understanding of the topic. Furthermore, Amy Chua tries to compare Chinese mothers to western mothers that make the subject extremely interesting as it clearly introduce you to the differences and its consequences in children’s lives. Despite of Amy Chua’s good way of explaining the subject, she makes her readers skeptical too. Since, she doesn’t mention any negative sides of raising kids using the “Chinese mother” method.

In western society we believe in uniqueness of individuals and innate creativity, which needs to blossom during the whole lifespan. Especially childhood is considered to be a very critical phase in development of such qualities. Besides western parents expects effort instead perfection from their kids. On the other hand the loose western method can also be very overwhelming for the children. The children have the freedom to choose among many opportunities and make big decisions themselves. By adopting the

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