Essay on Chinese Language And Literature Have Defined Who I Am

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Chinese language and literature have defined who I am. Before I was born, my once would-be-novelist father named me Bowen, which literally means “erudition” in Chinese. My father derived this name from one line in The Analects of Confucius: “To broaden oneself with letters.” Later on, when I was an infant, my mom taught me how to speak by reciting classical Chinese poems to me. As a result, the first complete sentence I ever spoke in my life was a line by the poet Bai Juyi. I have been an incorrigible lover of Chinese literature. Since I was able to read, I voraciously devoured classical Chinese poetry, and led a life in the mirage conjured by literature. Sometimes I was intoxicated with the delicate fragrance of chrysanthemum tea in the company of my shadow and the moon. Other times, I flirted with roaring winds on the stern of a yacht in the middle of stormy seas. Having lived in China for the entire first eighteen years of my life, I had no reason to question my own identity as Chinese and my notion of Chinese culture until I began my study at Williams College.

Four years ago, I applied to colleges in the United States because I wanted to explore this world and experience different cultures. I did study other cultures. At Williams, as an English and Japanese double major, I have studied Japanese and English languages and literature. Because of my interest in critical theory, I learned German as well. Besides regular semesters, I also lived in Japan and studied at the…

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