Chinese Food And Obesity In America

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Obesity is a major problem in American society. In a recent study by the World Health Organization states that about one-third of American citizens are obese or severely overweight. Consequently, an increasing number of adults and children alike are suffering the effects of obesity from diabetes to heart disease. Americans dietary choices directly impact the health of the people. Conversely, the Chinese community sees a very much less prevalence of overweight members of their society. A study published by the World Health Organization stated that only about eighteen percent of Chinese citizens are obese. This trend has much to do with the differences in the diet of the two countries. American cuisine is infamous for their deep fried, greasy, …show more content…
The authentic Chinese style of cooking usually involves steaming or stir frying their meals which reduces the fat content in their food. Thus, with a lower amount of fat per serving, it adds to the overall health of the society. Less oil equals to a less obese society. Also, the Chinese emphasizes less on using red meat as an ingredient in their cooking. Instead, they favor using fish or tofu that provides the protein needed by the body with added benefits. Fish are lower in saturated fat and are rich in essential fatty acids that aid the brain in its functions. Tofu is cholesterol and fat free and is rich in calcium. Chinese food typically does not utilize a substantial amount of white flour products. Although the staple diet of most Chinese homes is white rice and is high in carbohydrates, these carbohydrates in the rice are in the form of resistant carbs. Resistant carbohydrates take longer to digest and lower blood sugar levels in the body. Other than white rice, the average Chinese diet does not typically contain much white flour products. Bread, cakes or pastries are rarely found in a Chinese

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