Essay on China 's The One Child Policy

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1. Introduction: China’s population facts
China is the most heavily populated country in the world, which has over 1.33 billion population. The one-child policy had been launched in China for 25 years, which has determined as the most extreme social experiment in population growth control under government intervention in human reproduction in world history (Wang, 2005). The one-child policy had been working on restricting on family size, late marriage, and childbearing. However, the policy was not standardized across the whole country; it was more strictly enforced in urban areas rather than rural as urban has more economic and social stability. The policy came to an end on Oct 29, 2015; it has changed to a two-child policy. Conversely, before or during the implementation of the one-child policy, there were always arguments against the Chinese couples of having two children will lead to an uncontrollable population growth. In fact, changes in China’s economic system and social values has been more important than the stringent population policy in furthering fertility decline in the 1990s (Wang, 2005). Now, a more serious issue derived from the population policy is that the rapidly growing proportion of elderly is happening in China and labor shortage in the next 10 years.

2. Motivations of China’s population control policy
The motivations to launch the China’s population control policy are to relieve the pressure of population on China, strive for sustainable development…

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