China 's Impact On China Essay

958 Words Oct 29th, 2016 4 Pages
The current and past agricultural practices in China have caused an environmental problem nationally and globally. Although there is clear evidence that something needs to be done to change China’s sustainability, there hasn’t been any action engineered that has successfully led to an acceptable level of health. China is known as one of the largest consumers and producers for many products, so its agricultural practices are not only important to China but also to those who depend on China for sustenance. Additionally China is a heavily populated country so its agricultural practices need to be safely executed to keep the country environmentally healthy and its citizens in good health through food security. This however is not what is happening and China’s agricultural practices are causing pollution and environmental degradation that is effecting China’s environment greatly. Through the application of excessive fertilizers and pesticides during agricultural practices, China has created an impressively large problem that is in need of fixing. All of these factors combined created a predicament in the government through its attempt of implementing laws to deal with the environmental difficulties and food safety, but it has been unable to fully fix the problem. China’s agricultural practices have resulted in many environmental problems that have effected China and the world by causing water scarcity and contamination, environmental degradation through fertilizer and pesticide…

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