China 's Effect On Women 's Sex Ratio Essay

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“I begged your dad’s family to keep you. But your grandma said no. I said ‘it’s fine to have a daughter.’ But your grandma wouldn’t budge,” (Mudd). China’s policy was so strict to a point where they forced many families to abandon their daughters. Their boorish acts led to more than 100,000 girls being placed into foster care. Amongst these numbers, the law also prevented over 400 million births. One of the most significant effects of the policy has been on China’s sex ratio. China has a grossly unequal ratio of about 114 males to every 100 females, (Background). The one-child policy was implemented to curb a then surging population and limit the demands for water and other resources, as well as to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems in China, (One-child). One should want to get rid of the one-child policy because the law was negative, unnecessary, and a destructive policy which consisted of forced abortions, an unbalanced gender society, and caused many girls to be left abandoned by their own families. However, one would want the policy to remain in place because it was needed, helpful, and was meant for the greater good of the people by decreasing the population to increase scarce resources. One should see the one-child policy as a negative law because it allowed forced abortions and killed millions of babies. “The forced abortion took place in Chuzhcu city, Anhui Province as a woman named Lu, a 33 year old woman…said Lu was pregnant with a 7 month year…

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