China Trade And Political Affiliations Essay

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Africa-China Trade and Political Affiliations 9 development. Indeed, African markets have been remarkably strong performers in recent years, driven by improved regulatory regimes, structural reforms, privatization, export growth, etc. (Siddiqi, 2007). Africa, in adding to provide a vibrant market, is now providing expanded opportunities for investment. In addition, attractive investment environments put in place by various governments include actualizing a more liberal regulatory administration, expanded bilateral investment treaties and incentive structures.
The Enlargement of China’s Strategy
Post-colonial Africa is often seen as a misfortune by epidemics, civil wars and the venal administration that aggravate endemic hardship, a perception that led to post-Cold War Afro-pessimism or even Afrophobia and to Africa’s minimizing as a concern for advancing world policy makers and investors. On the other hand, China celebrates Africa and sees favorable circumstances for growth and partnership. Granted to numerous scholars, leaders of the People’s Republic of China would not at any time named Africa as the ‘hopeless continent’. They (officially at least) celebrate Africa’s culture and achievements, while these are implicitly denigrated in the West, where all that is celebrated about Africa are leaders who hearken to Western advice (King, 2006). The magnitude to which China embraces Africa was…

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