China And Tanzania Case Study

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Concurrently, a different note is directed on the Chinese low integration within the local communities has faced serious criticisms, Sigalla contends that Chinese people have great level of local integration and adopting to the local community, they learn local language and live in ordinary places, here Sigalla noted that Chinese people integrate easily with the local communities in comparison with Europeans, Arabs and other Asians. It is easy to see Chinese living and doing business in areas crowded with ordinary Tanzanians such as Sinza, Temeke, Kinondoni, Buguruni, Mikocheni, Kijitonyama, Mwenge and Ubungo.
China is commended for its involvement in African investment and infrastructure development, however Chinese critics point out the
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China has extended to Tanzania a number of economic supports in terms of direct aid, loans and investment in various areas such as military training and support, health, education and infrastructure development, just to mention a few. Among the iconic Chinese projects in Tanzania include the provision of ¥988 million RMB (equivalent to a $500 million USD) interest free loan for the construction of the TAZARA railway line. The railway can now facilitate exports and imports from Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, DRC Congo, the great lakes region and Zimbabwe, hence it helps to ease trade connection in the region. China aided the construction of Urafiki Textile Factory in Dar Es Salaam. China supported the construction of Mahonda Sugar Factory in Zanzibar. It also supported in agricultural programmes such as partial financing in establishing the state farms at Ruvu, Mbarali and Upenja, China helped in the establishment of an agricultural demonstration centre in Morogoro and other farmers’ extension service centers in Dodoma, Mbeya and …show more content…
Similarly CMT treated more than 10,000 cases and managed to supervise eye operations in Zanzibar. Chinese doctors train local experts related to Chinese medicine. Similarly, China has supported Tanzania in the construction of medical facilities such as Cardiac Surgery, Treatment and Training Centre at Muhimbili National Hospital that was inaugurated in April, 2014, before the project Tanzania used billion dollars for sending patients abroad for medical examination and treatment, in 2015 Tanzania spent 4.7 billion Tanzania shillings for heart related treatment abroad, with the establishment of JKCI, in 2015 Tanzania saved to a tune of 2.9 billion. Accordingly, the centre has managed the operation of 394 patients from 2012-2014, and 206 in 2015 alone, that marks an increase of 329

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