China As A Failure On The American Economy Essay

1890 Words Jul 24th, 2016 8 Pages
China is one of the leading forces in our global market. It is more than likely at some point Americans will have to conduct business with the Chinese. It is important to understand the cultural differences, different values, and proper etiquette when conducting business in China as an American or it can result in a loss of a potential market that would have been beneficial to the American economy. According to Graham & Lam (2003) “The root cause: a failure on the American side to understand the much broader context of Chinese culture and values, a problem that too often leaves Western negotiators both flummoxed and flailing” (p. 71). This suggests that Americans can solve the main reason for loosing potential business partners in China by researching the culture prior to the meeting. What may come off an unpleasant behavior to an American in a negotiating room with the Chinese may be how the Chinese maintain their professionalism when doing business. Subtle differences like these are vital when closing a deal with the Chinese. This report will guide Americans in conducting business in China, by providing knowledge of Chinese culture, values, and business practices.

BACKGROUND: CHINESE CUSTOMS IN BUSINESS ETIQUTTE Chinese customs originate from traditional Chinese elements, many of their cultural influences form as the basis of their business practices and negotiating style. Americans should be aware of these practices prior to conducting business with the Chinese, so that…

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