Antidumping In China

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3.5. China and US Antidumping Polices

China has seen quick growth in exports market and increasing pressure in global market set ups. US have seen China as the Non Market Economy, and it still holds the same viewpoint for larger part of the things. Similar feelings have been cornered by European Union too. China’s trade polices show quite an ineffective legal defenses as well as minimal concentration ratio in various industry set ups, resulting into resistance in coordination and their resistance to such measures becomes very difficult. Chinese global industries show a variety in their disparity, in case of anti-dumping, and quite often such measures are reactive in many ways whatsoever. The possible reactions include refocusing their
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This happens to be one of the key elements in entire policy debate as the actions taken by China can seriously affect outcome in globalized markets in different ways.
In case the Chinese industries are adaptable by enhancing the production of different products and keep the maintenance of profits and employment. The exclusive US-China trade relationships have over the years quickly evolved into most momentous one. After China made access to the

World Trade Organization in December 2001, two-way trade has made phenomenal increase by as much as 91 percent taking the whole average to whopping $231 billion in the year 2004. This is substantially a growth rate that is over six times greater in comparison to trade between the United States and the remaining world.

These figures are realistic, and behind such realistic figures lies what is known to be multiple joint production operations, arrangements for technical sharing, severely complex trans-national supply chains, over-growing business relationships, which taken as single entity is benefiting the workers, investors as well as consumers not only in the China, but also the
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China is the prominent harbinger of Nonmarket Economy Methodology if taken into consideration several factors into action. One needs to look straight on general presumptions and other factors whatsoever in order to get the detailed understanding of everything. As a matter of fact in various structured centrally planned economies, there are products and their prices that seem to be a bit unrealistic in nature for the very conclusive reason that Non Market forces tend to conflict on supply-and-demand decisions and this in return has straight and direct impact over various other issues.

In some way or the other, the prices provides do not show any reflectance of precise supply and demand decisions or other factors, and therefore under all scenarios should be perfect benchmark and for measurement of price discrimination or under several conditions selling below any

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