Us Market Vs China

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As we know, Chinese market and the U.S. market are the two biggest economic systems in the world by now (2015); they are both measured around 17% in global economic activities each (Walker, 2015, para.3). These two different markets are very attractive to most of the investors around the world. However, on many other perspectives these two markets are really unlike, which challenge a lot of business owners and new entrepreneurs, who considering to begin their business in one of these countries.
There is no doubt that, the U.S. market has a more stabilized growths compare to the Chinese market for the last seven decades. The major reasons behind this are historical issues. China kept an extraordinary two-digit
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Some economists begin to worried about the future; will the Chinese market has a sudden decrease or even a hard landing? (Walker, 2015, para.2). Would the U.S. economic system reform in a healthy and correct way? There is no right answer to those questions, which should only be able to answer by time. According to the historical references and the current economic growth trends, it is reasonable for people to worried about both countries’ future. Since these two big markets can easily cause a global financial Tsunami or economical boost. In terms of worried about Chinese market, we worried about the things might happen after such a fast growing period. Since there is already a sign that China may begin to slow down according to their annual growth in last year (2014) was actually dropped to 7.4% (Walker, 2015, para.1); business owner or new entrepreneurs, who want to invest their business in China or doing business in this country should play more attention to it. On the other side, to those who want to start up the business or operate a business in the U.S. they should consider about the U.S. market and see if the U.S. has already recovered from the recession or not. Since the data show us the U.S. annual growth for 2014 had already recovered to 2.4%(Mitchell, 2015, para.1). Will that be a sign of the U.S. market already back to normal? We could not give any answer to it; but those are surly the potential problems and questions for both

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