Chin The World 's Second Largest Economy Essay

1398 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
In 2010, China surpassed Japan as the world 's second-largest economy. One consequence of this event relates to its significance for the two countries ' competition for global and regional status. Over the last four decades, their trajectories have presented an interesting paradox. As an economic powerhouse, Japan has been considered a global power by the rest of the international community and by other major powers. Yet, within East Asia, Japan has not been attributed regional power status by its own neighbors (Cline et al. 2011). Conversely, for several decades East Asian states have considered China to be the most relevant regional power, while the international community has struggled to attribute her global major power status. China 's slow but steady ascendance from regional to global power and Japan 's failure to achieve regional recognition despite being considered a global power lead to several challenging questions about the relationship between regional and global major power status. This effort focuses on one such question: In an era of shifting major power hierarchy, which regional players are the most likely to be attributed global power status next? We begin with the premise that status in international politics matters and states may belong to a variety of status clubs. Our purpose is to explore whether the current most powerful members of the regional powers club (India and Brazil) who also have aspirations to join the most prestigious club of…

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