Chile Environment Essay

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Environment one of the major sector of recovery because whenever disaster (Manmade or natural) happens it is directly or indirectly affecting the cause of enhancing the destruction. All kind of natural or god given resources are limited and we have to preserve for future generation.
Following are the ten intervention have taken in the field of environment.
1 - Drought in Chile and its after math on water resources
2 - How Forest fire in Australia affecting environment.
3 - Volcanic eruption affecting human activity and in directly environment.
4 – Tsunami & Earthquake affecting coastal environment in Indonesia.
5 - Chernobyl Disaster and contamination of surrounding.
6 - Oil spillage in Mexico and pollution of
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In, many parts of Chile there is no rain fall for last 30 years. So, major chunk of land in Chile is facing huge scarcity of water . In the case of Chile, the sustained economic growth and social development experienced by the country since the 1990s have generated ever-increasing demands on water resources.
The following are the issue in Chile related to water resources ………. A – Water requirement for environment purpose – the demand of water should leads the ignoring of the proper functioning of lakes , ponds , to protection of ecosystem and their associated scenic and tourism value .

B - Water Pollution - water pollution must be tackled from both the perspective of the correct characteristics of the bodies of water themselves and their vulnerability to pollution, and the viewpoint of the sources of pollution and their relationship with the affected resources

Water resource policy applied in Chile
With respect to marine pollution, the Department of Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine (DIRECTEMAR) monitors’ water quality and keeps water quality records, which date back over ten
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Identification of water resources

Water networks have been an important development, and we have one of the most advanced water systems of Latin America. Knowledge has been gained about surface and underground water in all the major water basins in the country.
How Forest fire in Australia affecting

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