Children 's Literature Is A Essential Tool For The Exploration, Feeling And Creativity Ideals

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Over the years, children’s literature has established itself as a vital tool for the exploration, feeling and creativity ideals that both children and young adults depend upon. Children’s literature is a necessity to facilitate learning, assist in shaping reader’s minds, to stimulate their thought processes and is a reflection of social change.

Historically, Australian picturebooks were not a readily available or utilised resource. Australian colonial children were also only exposed to British children’s books, which sheltered them from experiencing literature about their own history, nature and landscape.

The 1970’s – 1990’s experienced a boom in this specific genre of work, which not only saw social and cultural issues being addressed, but also highlighted how authors and illustrators experimented with form. As a result of this progression, the relationship between a publication’s word and picture elements has become increasingly important to a child and adolescent’s ability to mature into critical and creative thinkers.

This essay will examine the complexity behind specifically chosen Australian picturebooks and how detrimental it is for the child and adolescent reader to recognise and interpret the synergistic relationship between word and picture. There is a preconception that an illustrated story can’t have equal appeal for the adolescent reader as they do for the child reader, so let’s take a look.

The relationship between word and picture in a picturebook…

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