Children 's Development Through Sports Competition Essay

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“Race you!” comes a high pitched squeal of a young child heading towards their parent’s car at a shopping mall parking lot. The joys of playing a game and competing with everyone around comes naturally to children. In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” author Jessica Statsky argues that participation in competitive team sports is damaging to a developing child. In contrast, the paper “Children’s Development Through Sports Competition: Derivate, Adjustive, Generative, and Maladaptive Approaches” by Hong Suk Choi, Britton Johnson, and Young K. Kim brings to light many of the aspects that show the developmental benefit of sports competition. Contrary to what Statsky purports, sports team participation gives all children an unique opportunity to develop many positive aspects of living in adult society, because the essential lessons of team building and developing a sense of fairness are efficiently conveyed through competition. For team building experiences, competitive sports allow children to acquire and polish the necessary skills in order to learn how to interact positively and meaningfully with other members of society. This is supported by Choi, Johnson and Kim where they say, “Games and sports are the primary context for children to learn organizational skills such as the ability to manage and cope with a diversity of perspectives, adjudicate disputes, and work for collective goals (Curelaru, Abalasei, & Cristea, 2011; James, 2001; Light, 2010)” (193). Later in life,…

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