Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay example

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As a teacher we have to prepare and know how to react when a child has an emotional outburst. Typically students with Autism Spectrum Disorder will have a problem with this. According to Brentani, Helena, Paula, Cristiane Silvestre de, Bordini, Daniela, Rolim, Deborah, Sato, Fabio, Portolese, Joana, Pacifico, Maria Clara, and McCracken (2013), Autism Spectrum Disorder, “…is characterized by a shared spectrum of qualitative impairments in social interaction, associated with varying degrees of deficits in communication and marked repetitive behaviors and restricted interests.” Autism has become more common over the years and how teachers handle their learning is very important. Children with autism are sensitive to certain sensory experiences, and children with autism need to have intervention as early as possible. In order to provide the best education possible, not only to children with autism, but also to students without any disabilities, teachers need to have behavior interventions and modifications planned in order to ensure success for their students. In 2014 a man named Eren Denburg Niederhoffer wrote, “My Life as an Autistic.” Niederhoffer wrote about his life leading up to college. He talks about his struggles and things that made him behave certain ways. During his senior year of high school he decided that he wanted his life to be different. He wanted to have friends, talk to people, and do activities on the weekend. He talked to his counselors and came up with…

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